Nick and Jamie Some of my favorites! Let's relive seminar! *That was good* Watch out for Gina! EEEK! No more fire... so... we improvise. Please note Gina's marshmellow, on fire! YUM! Jamie finding the motion detector Are we sure she isn't drunk? My HOBY girls... LOVE YOU! NICK! I LOVE YOU TOO! Shoooooes! Time for bed yet? Not really! I ate way to many marshmellows Who calls in the middle of the night... Gina's sleeping! Smile Karuna! Now SHE ate too many pretzels. Wait, what'd you just say? Babe... you have been sleeping for an hour! WHAT is she doing? Lights out! Smile!! GINA! she's awake! Me... time to sleep STOP! Payback sux!! Gotcha! BOO!

Nick's Pictures

The cult... banished to its own circle I just wanna give it to him so he doesn't come to MY HOUSE! UGG! Gina.. you are supposed to stay on the chair. You have dirt on your butt! Georgous! JAAAAMIE! Thanks for my pictures! haha YIKES! Poor Karuna! umm..?! Can we toast marshmellows with this? Graduate!! IC all the way!! It's getting hot guys! This is kina working! We are going to set off the smoke detector! Any good Jamie? Eww I can't believe you took this picture, EWW! If it is off... you can't use it! LIGHTS?? still eating... we did a lot of that huh Jamie? How many times did we have to go pee too? Gina's turn... notice the sweatshirt *wink* We are really pretty, huh Nick? *wink* Kisses to the loved ones!